10 Things about Beaches on the Outer Banks

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10 Things About Beaches On The Outer Banks

People come from around the world for our famous beaches!

Let’s be honest – beaches on the Outer Banks are world famous at this point. Every summer we welcome millions guests from all around this big blue marble we call home who fall in love with our long stretches of coastline. This author was shocked and amazed when he heard a friend saying she was going to walk 50 miles on the beach from Corolla to Oregon Inlet. That’s right – 50 miles! It’s hard to imagine walking 50 miles on the beach, especially one that is so well cared as our sands are here on the OBX. This doesn’t include all of the beach you could walk on after you crossed over Oregon inlet onto Pea Island and going down into Hatteras!

Beaches on the Outer Banks see so many people every summer that sometimes it gets lost as to how truly special our barrier island sands are. We here at the Sea Ranch Resort (located right on the beach in Kill Devil Hills) wanted to give you a list of 10 Great Things to Know about the beach on the Outer Banks (not including the one we already shared with you about walking 50 miles!):

  1. Our Beaches are dog friendly: Not every beach has the same rules (they are dependent on the town rules where they are) but the Outer Banks is a dog friendly beach destination in general. The beaches in the Town of Duck being the MOST friendly.
  2. Coquina Beach: If you haven’t heard of this beach, it’s awesome. Just north of Oregon Inlet it has the vastness we all love about the Outer Banks with the addition of lifeguards. Locals love it and it is a tradition for many groups to meet there each year for a beach hang.
  3. Driving on the beach: Some but not all beaches all for you to drive your vehicle on them depending on the time of year. It’s something that makes the Outer Banks unique for sure!
  4. Beach Nourishment: The Outer Banks is a dynamic entity and great efforts are made by each town to keep their beaches in very good condition. Storms and hurricanes shift things around from time to time, so beach nourishment is an ongoing affair. This summer the Sea Ranch Resort will be getting beach nourishment on the sands out front.
  5. Cleanliness and Care: Our beaches see millions of people each summer and the towns spend a lot of time and money making sure that they remain as clean as possible. Locals do their part as well to keep our beaches some of the most well kept beaches in the world. It’s a passion project here!
  6. Great Public Access: It’s free to go to the beach here, and there are dozens of well kept public beach access points. Locals will often simply call out an access when finding a rendezvous point to gather. Each access has it’s own character and we are sure you will find one that speaks to you!
  7. 4th of July Fireworks: Every year on the 4th of July holiday, the beach sees each town doing a fireworks display out on the beach. They generally happen off the respective peirs for each township and they never disappoint.
  8. Pea Island: If you ever wanted to walk on a stretch of deserted beach for several miles without seeing a building or you wanted to set up your beach blanket and umbrella with hardly anyone around, this is your place. Pea Island has raw beauty and gives you a glimpse at the untouched power these beaches have had for centuries.
  9. Beer:  Yes, you can drink beer on the beach if you are over 21 and it’s not in a glass container. We know, it’s the little things…
  10. Safety: We are proud that our beaches remain some of the safest in the country. We have lifeguards posted at regular intervals and the beaches are safe to walk at night.
If you are a first time visitor or one of the millions that return to the beaches on the Outer Banks, this summer is shaping up to be a great one!  The Sea Ranch Resort is located on the beach in Kill Devil Hills and is just a walk away from the Avalon Pier. If you just walk straight onto the sands from our restaurant, the OBX Beachside Bistro, you can take a right or left on the beach and walk for miles and miles!
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