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Plan your excursion North for an OBX Day Trip!

The Sea Ranch Resort is located centrally for you to have the perfect day trip to the northern parts of the Outer Banks.

We are asked almost everyday about ideas for day trips and places to visit while staying here on the Outer Banks. Planning an OBX Day Trip is fairly easy if you know a basic direction that you want to head – North or South. We wrote an article last week about OBX Day Trips to Roanoke Island (which we recommend) and we wanted to follow up with Part 2 of a 3-part series on day trips here on the Outer Banks. This week we  put together a simple list of some locations and things to do when heading north. The areas we cover include Kitty Hawk, Duck and Corolla – all fabulous places with a lot to offer. Whether you want to see the sights, hike, swim, shop or just relax, you will find plenty to occupy you and your family.

Here are some ideas for your OBX Day Trip to the North:

  1. Children at Play Museum: Great if you have young children who want to be stimulated with some fun and some positive learning.
  2. Sandy Run Park: A well-kept secret that locals love for walking, fishing and picnicking, this park features elevated wooden walkways on the canals near Kitty Hawk Bay.
  3. Duck Town Boardwalk: Beautifully set on the Albemarle Sound, this is a favorite for travelers visiting Duck.
  4. Kayaking and Canoeing: The opportunities to get in the water with a wide variety of toys (from fishing boats to surf boards) are almost limitless on the Outer Banks, but we wanted to throw this in here as a reminder to take some time to slow down, paddle a bit and enjoy the quieter side of the OBX found along the coastline of the Albemarle Sound.
  5. Currituck Lighthouse: Located in Historic Corolla Village this classic beacon rises 162 feet off the ground and has provided safety for many a passing ship through the area known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. Lighthouses are an important part of the character of the Outer Banks and are powerful to experience.
  6. Wild Horse Adventure Tours:  Some of the most iconic pictures of the OBX feature our famous wild horses. Taking a tour that puts you safely in their environment is an amazing way to see these regal creatures. A tour like this also allows you to experience the raw, natural beauty of the Outer Banks in a much deeper way.
  7. Whalehead Club: This historic hunting lodge is now home to many weddings and special events. A lavish reminder of the 1920’s it has remained relatively the same and is a major attraction for visitors.
  8. Carova Beach: Accessible only with 4×4 Vehicles this stretch of beach is something of a must-do here on the OBX.
  9. Outer Banks Center For Outdoor Wildlife Education: This is a great facility to get in-depth information about the natural wonders of the Outer Banks. Our area is more than just a beautiful series of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and taking some time to learn about the wildlife here will make your experience that much richer.
  10. Audubon Pine Island Sanctuary: Enjoy the untouched beauty of this 2,600 acre reserve that shows the original grace of the Outer Banks.


The Sea Ranch Resort offers the perfect home base for planning your OBX Day Trips North to attractions around Kitty Hawk, Duck and Corolla. We are located in Kill Devil Hills, which is convenient to a journey north and will allow you plenty of time to explore the natural beauty and attractions. There are plenty of places to eat, shop and relax along the way so plan to take your time! You can also find more information at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau. Our staff is on hand to make your stay here very comfortable and provide any information you might need for planning a day trip on the Outer Banks.

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