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Head South for your OBX Day Trips!

The Sea Ranch Resort is your central location for planning a day trip on the Outer Banks to sections in the South.

If you haven’t been following our articles in the past two weeks, we have been writing about ideas for OBX Day Trips that can be conveniently launched from right here at the Sea Ranch Resort. The first article covered beautiful Roanoke Island and the second article focused on attractions located on the northern portion of the Outer Banks. This week we make a few recommendations for heading south on a day trip. Heading south includes Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, South Nags Head and Hatteras Island (Rodanthe, Avon, Waves, Salvo and Hatteras). As you drive south on Route 12, you’ll see the natural beauty that the OBX holds; unspoiled, expansive, serene in the solitude.

There are many possible stops along the way and we have made a brief list of them for you:

  1. Wright Brothers Memorial: This National Park is located in the heart of Kill Devil Hills and has a fantastic museum that details the Wright Brother exploits in their quest to fly. The park itself is also home to the occasional airshow and is a great place to walk around. Climb the hill to the monument and get awesome views of the ocean and sound!
  2. Nags Head Woods Preserve: This is an absolute gem of a place to visit. The Nature Conservancy owns and preserves hundreds of acres of maritime forest on the Roanoke Sound on the west side of Kill Devil Hills. Miles of walking trails, old trees and marshy ponds make a unique environment that isn’t often associated with the Outer Banks.
  3. Visit A Pier: The OBX has many fishing piers that are open to the public for a small fee. Some piers are newer and larger than others, but they each have their own unique charm. Starting in Kill Devil Hills you can try Avalon Fishing Pier or head south to Nags Head Fishing Pier and then maybe stop at Jennette’s Pier with the giant wind turbines. If you are hungry or thirsty, try Fish Head’s Bar and Grill at the Outer Banks Fishing Pier.
  4. Jockey’s Ridge: Go for an inspiring walk, watch a sunset or go hang gliding off these giant sand dunes in Nags Head. These mounds of sand are famous and once you have experienced them you will never forget them.
  5. Bodie Island Lighthouse: This iconic lighthouse is actually the third of three lighthouses that were constructed at this location and is currently open to the public. You can access the interior of the lighthouse and walk the beautiful grounds at the edge of the water.
  6. Pea Island: This National Wildlife Refuge features over 6000 acres of land and vast stretches of untouched beach. It is a world class birding location in the winter and the visitors center is a perfect place to get out of the car and take a hike along the ponds in the refuge. Pea Island is part of the larger Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
  7. Oregon Inlet: This inlet is where the majority of fishing boats go in and out on the Outer Banks. You can visit the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center to see where boats on “Wicked Tuna” depart from. You can also cross the bridge, park and then walk the jetty out to see “Hell’s Gate”, where the ocean meets the sound.
  8. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Another iconic lighthouse to visit and one that you can get exercise climbing too! The lighthouse was moved inland a half of a mile to save it from the encroaching ocean in 1999.
  9. Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum: The Outer Banks is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” due to the number of shipwrecks in the dangerous waters here. This museum is a nice stop to get an in-depth look at maritime history on the OBX that includes artifacts from the USS Monitor.
  10. Canadian Hole: Located on Hatteras Island, Canadian Hole has become famous for its windsurfing and kitesurfing. Watching world-class kitesurfers work their magic during a sunset is worth the trip alone.

Whether you head North or South for you OBX Day Trips, we are confident that you will find many of the gems that make the Outer Banks so unique. We encourage you to ask our friendly staff here at the Sea Ranch Resort about local attractions and events. Uncovering the many layers of this beautiful place is something that will make memories of a lifetime for you and your family.

The Sea Ranch Resort is an oceanfront hotel located in the heart of Kill Devil Hills that is a centrally located launching pad for you adventures! We offer ocean front condos that are perfect for families and groups as well as ocean front dining at the OBX Beachside Bistro.




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